Message from the
Dept. of Finance & Investments

Through our concerted application of trust, integrity, and innovation we pledge to energize the latent energy of God’s people to both implement best financial practices – while leading new developments.

The message of these pages is the build of scalable & repeatable models of best practices that ultimately supplement the ministries of churches in their local communities.

To that end, these pages commit to faith, family, and friends as we pray your indulgence and embrace.

There is a great story to be told of the blessings of the Lord as our Zion envisions its sesquicentennial anniversary and we are committed to spreading the joy of the Lord.

May God bless the CME Church

Connectional Budget Pie Chart

The 2019-2022 Connectional Budget is now available online


July 2014 - Present Quintupled the annual income of the investment portfolio from $38,000 annually to more than $200,000
January 2014 - Present Initiated modern portfolio management theory to investment accounts to best build a massive income endowment for the church
2020 & 2021

Aided CME entities to raise more than $4 million dollars in the SBA – PPP & EIDL programs

2019 - 2020

Upgraded & remodeled the Breeding Montgomery Bible College in Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria

June 2018

  • Worked with the Standing Committee on Finance to achieve a budget increase of only 1.6% for the quadrennial 2019 – 2022
  • Departmental name change to the Department of Finance & Investment (DFI)
  • Approval for DFI to work with the Board of Directors of our National Headquarters to pursue a new state-of-the-art facility in Memphis
  • Approval for DFI to pursue grants & sponsorships on behalf of the denomination
  • Printing and mailing cost reduction for Connectional Board & General Conference

April 2018 Developed a plan to freeze the connectional budget assessment at $4.8MYN as of July 2014 and to begin to reduce the budget in 2026 without even adjusting upward for cost of living.
September 2016 Launched text-to-give to enable electronic giving and payment.
January 2016 Announced a plan to reduce connectional budget assessments by over $2.4MYN (1/2 the current budget) in 20 years and to eventually eliminate the assessments in entirety.
May 2015 Assumed responsibility to arrange the annual retreat of the College of Bishops. Established policy to use upscale resort facilities in corporate world branding.  March 2016 originated the same upscale resort policy and trip for the General Officers on a bi-annual basis.
June 2015 Launched partnership with Concur, our third party travel and personal reimbursement system for employees and recurring expenses by delegated officials.  Provides for multi-year and systemic record keeping of receipts and reimbursement.  Reimbursement is made within three days via ACH.
October 2014

  • Three months into the office of CFO launched direct deposit through our 3rd party payroll vendor, ADP for all monthly compensated stakeholders (the College of Bishops, General Officers, Phillips School of Theology, and Departmental employees).  This was the first time employees experienced direct deposit in the CME Church.  Previously, checks were mailed so as to be received by the 15th.  Direct deposit is on the 12th each month.
  • Launched Egencia service which is our 3rd party travel vendor.  Previously payment was advanced upfront by the traveller and reimbursed once travel was complete or a travel agent had to be contacted and await approval prior to any booking.



If you have any questions and would like to speak to the Office of the CFO, please complete the form below and someone will respond within 48 hours or email [email protected]. Please review FAQ for general questions about Concur, Egencia, and how to locate all reports.

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